Stupid Is As Stupid Does

I apologize for the silence. But what with the computer being in the shop and the needing to reconnect every five minutes and the inability to logically approach the connection problem what with the computer being in the shop and all and … running on an outmoded iOS and all… .

It made more sense to zip my lip rather than try to be clever against this background.

I will comment, though, that if you want a state to move up in the ladder of things that one cares about, you might want to think about water pipes.

I’m looking at you, you adulterous old man who stuck his wife in a home while you dilly dallied with a woman and then didn’t have the sense to retire. I’m looking at you, you old man. You could have done something for this state. And you didn’t.

Here’s the problem. The water lines are not buried deep enough. They freeze in the winter and there’s no cold water in the summer.

But hey. It’s Mississippi. And Thad and Trent and Haley– and for that matter our good old boy Wrangler Boy are Mississippians.

Stupid is… .