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Unhappy City Mice

Via Instapundit: GREENFAIL: LED Lights Add To Pollution. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) — which are touted for their energy-saving properties — are actually making light pollution worse. And the change is so intense that ISS crew members can see it from space. . . . Cities around the world have been replacing energy-guzzling streetlights with brighter

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Little kids

Y’all’s little kid’s in the street! For some reason, this utterance bothered Mr. Big Food. I really don’t know why. It’s perfectly coherent to me– and I was there! He’s worried about the contractions. The folks at the end of the road have the cutest little black kid! We see it in its pen as

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Poor Sunflowers… . We Need Taller Stakes!

We had a storm yesterday that blew most of the sunflowers in the front yard black-eyed-pea-melon-okra-patch slam over. Today, after it dried out a bit, Miss M and I got out there with some stakes and some string and some duck tape and tried to make things right, again. (You can see the duck tape

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