Poor Sunflowers… . We Need Taller Stakes!


We had a storm yesterday that blew most of the sunflowers in the front yard black-eyed-pea-melon-okra-patch slam over.

DSCN3970Today, after it dried out a bit, Miss M and I got out there with some stakes and some string and some duck tape and tried to make things right, again. (You can see the duck tape if you zoom in.)

DSCN3973But alas, our efforts were thwarted by a breeze.

I will comment that Miss M spoke a good line as we were duck taping and staking: “This is so us.”

Of course she meant that attempting to rescue sunflowers from a certain prolonged agonizing dried out death with duck tape was something only very ingenious optimistic American Redneck Country Mice would be smart enough to do.

Obviously, we need taller stakes.

(I do not want to hear one danged word about the weeds. There are at least a dozen baby water melon growing in them there weeds. How many water melon you got growin’ in your front yard?)