Prairie Arts Festival

DSCN3996As I mentioned, Miss M and I went to the Prairie Arts Festival in West Point, Mississippi Saturday. By local craft-fair standards, it was pretty good. As an “arts” festival… it would have been nice to see some art or artisan pieces. (Where is Critz when you need him?)


Many of the buildings on the main street– not sure it’s called ‘Main Street’– displayed banners of famous paintings. This was a Renoir. I mentioned this to Miss M after we’d arrived back home. One of the banners was of a Currier & Ives print. She hadn’t noticed it. My guess is that she wasn’t the only one.


Some of the stuff we saw was funny/charming/interesting.

Ha ha. Bagel. Beagle. Haha.


I don’t know what to say about hair bows other than that the Girls are now all about 30 years old and hair bows like this were a BIG THING back when I was a young mother making hair bows.

People. There are NEW THINGS under the sun. Discover them!


Here is the obligatory monument to the boys and men who fought for the Confederacy.


If you look closely at the photograph (above) you will see that no one seems to be particularly traumatized by the monument. Indeed– if you look really closely– folks seems happy to have a place where they can rest and eat their funnel cakes in peace.

Lots of Southern Pride.DSCN4009DSCN4010

And who doesn’t want to go on a train ride?


I thought about getting one of these. But $35 for a stamp? Really?