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Day is Done

Gone the Sun We are tuckered out. We being Mr. Big Food, Rocky, Missy, Snaps, Tiger, and I. The point of today was to constrict– to bring the dirty dishes, towels, and linens from the various kitchens and baths into the kitchen and laundry room in the Big House, to put away the many fancy things

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Christmas Presents!

Via The Week in Pictures at Powerline.

Sampling 1961

The 1961 November (Left), July (Top), and September (Bottom) issue covers of Horizon: A Magazine of the Arts. The first article in the July issue is titled “The Dream of Reason” and is introduced thusly: Francis Bacon called scientists to the great task of creating Utopia. Their success has been so complete that it threatens

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Our Attentions, Lately & Today

The excitement over the weather, along with my desire to demonstrate that I was all over potential bad weather situations (which I am) sort of petered out when the bad weather did. That’s a good thing. It means we can continue to attend to the table(s). Here’s the situation. I’ve been reading that things are not

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You know that feeling when

it’s typical Mississippi weather after they got the cotton in and you’ve been sort of paying attention to other NON WEATHER RELATED THINGS and you finally get around to looking at the RADAR map and you see the little pin that’s you and then you click on the zoom out button… and do it again…

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I put my stats hat on and I hope that explains away my lack of posting. Rocky and Missy like to run free. p<0.05 insert smiley face. 🙂


What are your thoughts on Mermaids? Apparently there are not as many mermaid sightings as there once were. From Horizon: A Magazine of the Arts Volume II Number 3 January 1960 (p129).

“Do me a solid”

“Pardon me, Marica. But do you have the time to do me a solid?” “Sure. … What?!?” “Ruff?!?” “What?” “What are you talking about, Missy?” “I asked it you could find the time to do me a solid. It’s a yes or no question– and not really all that important in the grand scheme of

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