¡Newsflash! I am not afraid: Marica Cooks Monday edition


This picture really doesn’t capture the nature of the salad.


This is much better.

We had soup & salad for Marica Cooks Monday.


I asked Mr. Big Food to make a dressing for the salad and after that the salad was make it up as I went along. I thought marinating the beans in white wine vinegar & tapping some pomegranate seeds on the whole thing was a nice touch.

The soup is a jazzed up Campbell’s Cream of Tomato.

I have a few cans of soup in the hole and every now & again, I think I should use one.

So that was Marica Cooks Monday & it was Delicious. But back to the question: Why should I be afraid?

I’m not afraid* so the question is meaningless.


*I’m armed.