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the reason I haven’t been posting is because I am hugely committed to going to Israel in 2 weeks.  

I hope you understand

Mr. Big Food’s Dad asked– in some words– if I was okay. I am. Thanks for asking. I was doing a little research. There were Chestnuts. As in, it dawns on you that you can order food at And $99/yr. is a deal, given that you can have roasted chestnuts at your door in

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I am impressed by the current round of players in The Dinner Party Game. I remember having to coax and cajole folks to submit their quotes in a timely fashion when we played before. Not so this! Here’s the J-Man’s response to Miss Mary Lamb, gentle soul that she was. (Next up. Fred Sanford (Mr. Big Food).)

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I get enough French with my fries

Our dinner party conversation continues… . I really should link to the history of this family game. But it’s late (OMG it’s almost 10pm!) and it’s cold and I’m plumb wore out after having driven to Texas and back. And full. That soup with the mussels and whatnot that Daughter C and the J-Man welcomed

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It’s a fact, Jack!

J.L. Austin (The J-Man): It is worth bearing in mind, too, the general rule that we must not expect to find simple labels for complicated cases… however well-equipped our language, it can never be forearmed against all possible cases that may arise and call for description: fact is richer than diction. “A Plea for Excuses,” Proceedings

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according to whatever map app you want to use, Tyler, Texas is a mere 6+ hours from the Farm no matter which way you go. What’s that? Rocky? Are you howling for us? Guiding us in? We’ll be home soon, boy!

This Game Is a Lot of Work.

That’s why, even though we’ve talked about it a lot, this is only the second time we’ve played this game: The Dinner Party Game. We opened it up to fictional characters and, unlike the now First Dinner Party game, we imposed no linear time limits. I’ve gone back and read some of the conversations. What

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And… We’re Done

Done.   We have Jordan’s Guest List: Russell “OldDirtyBastar” (can’t quite make it out ‘the Jones?’ “ Malcolm Tucker Elaine Benes Dante J.L.Austin Miss M declares that she does not have time to play on account of the fact that she has a Baby named ‘Phen. I plan to irritate her by not removing her

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