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Time Capsules | The Farm 1/30-31 2016

Dr.and Mrs. Chris Ayers… Dr. and Mr. Alix Hiu… Chris and Alix and son, Wren, and Friends, Nick and Ashley, visited the Farm this weekend. Neither Chris nor Nick shot a deer. We enjoyed a delightful Saturday Supper of Venison Stew and some (homegrown) Sweet Potato Dish at the Dining Room Table. We agreed that

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Get Away

via Powerline’s The Week in Pictures

Missy & Rocky Laughed

What kind of kids eat … . You’re welcome! via Powerline’s The Week in Pictures

Missy Approved

H/t Mr. Big Food’s Dad

What to make of this?

As Sheldon might have asked, “Did you smoke a marijuana?” It is time to start remembering the movie, Cocoon. B/C all y’all pundits have lost your minds.

Double Dang

Mr. Big Food and I traveled to the Great City of Birmingham, Alabama today. In addition to my new Sac Friend (which you might equate with a purse to the total embarrassment of my Sac), I took with me my phone, a note book, my iThingy, and a crappy old book. About 45 minutes into

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A disappointment

The gnocchi was good, taste-wise. But it wasn’t a decent meal. Bummer. Would make an excellent side dish. Recipe here.

Little Issues

So far, no reply.

Gnocchi: A Photo Post

My one regret is that I didn’t wind that rope into a big “BIG.” Mr. Big Food has just alerted me– there’s been another score in the game that is holding up the showing of X-Files.

Solidarity, Man

We stand with you, all you Mans who are snowed in. Right on. ~~ In all seriousness, I did not see this until yesterday after Daughter C had left. I did see she & Jordo and Gilbert watching Television when I went to get a drink of cool water the other night. But I had

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Full Moooon

In the two column approach to life, we Country Mice sure do have a lot of +’s in our favor. You City Mice might preach to us that astrologically astronomically awesome events are about to happen, but we Country Mice are the ones who get to testify. Truth be told, I was just letting Rocky out

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