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You will recall that this web site’s Official Name is Big Food, Big Garden, Big Life in rural Mississippi (dot com).

Where “Big” is taken to be good in a wholesome, virtuous sort of way.

Mr. Big Food and I, and Miss M and SB, and Kat and Tony wandered into– geeze! what’s the name– Alamance Crossing the other day.

We went to Starbucks. That’s something different. And we wandered around and Kat & Tony drove away and the rest of us went to Barnes & Noble wherein we went our separate ways.

Turns out the First Season of the Original X-Files Mr. Big Food picked up and we bought & paid for were Blu Ray discs.

So now the problems become first-rate first world.

No. Neither the Apple nor the Microsoft Operating Systems support Blu Ray discs without a lot of hoopla I can avoid by paying <$50 on Amazon Prime for a Sony Blu Ray player.

But here’s the thing. I am in an anti-technology frame of mind right now.

And Miss M wonders if buying a <$50 Blu Ray player might not be a bit… excessive, given the number of DVDs we have.

Maybe. Maybe it is excessive. Maybe time will tell that we didn’t really need to buy a <$50 Blu Ray player. Maybe we will only use it to watch the few discs associated with the First Season of The X-Files. So what?

Here’s my New Year’s Resolution. I resolve to go Big Time Overboard in celebration of the things I love.

Old Dead White Guys.

Western Movies.

Smart men. (“Hello, Sweetie.”)


Things inspired by Christ. [as i am collecting books, i am learning that a lot of shit revolves around jesus christ :-).] (If you are just now learning how to read embedded statements, read on.)


That’s what the blog is going to be about this coming year.

AND… Did I mention that there’s… wait for it…


a puppy?

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