Home Making 101 part 1

I was once much younger than I am now.

So now, addressing myself to folks– especially women folks– who are now as old as I used to be, I’d like you to indulge me in offering a few words of advise.

Get over yourselves and stop throwing things away.

Good Lord willing & the creek don’t rise, you will one day be in my enviable position. That is, a women living on a Farm in Mississippi with curious, well-mannered, funny, smart, creative adult daughters– and their men–, and lots of dogs and cats.

Over the past few months I’ve come across a spate of “how to organize/simplify/downsize your life” posts/pins, etc. written by young women who have no conception of the course of life beyond the 20+ years they have lived.

More on this in later posts. This evening I would like to look at the 116 thing you should dispose of— which I note does include bobby pins but not 6-month old razors.

Cleaning out clutter can be a tough task, especially if you have been letting it build up for a while. Instead of setting aside a huge block of time to take care of months’ or years’ worth of clutter, take baby steps by throwing away only one type of item a day. And by throwing away, I mean recycling, selling, donating, or — as the last resort — trashing. Here’s a list of 116 types of items that will take you about four months to dispose of:

You may not believe me, but it’s true. I looked at all 116 items. And I sorted them into three categories: 1) why do you even have this? 2) useful now; 3) useful later.

When I got through sorting things out, it looked to me like it took this young woman four months to clean up her shit. She recorded every single item she recycled/sold/donated/ or– dare I say it? trashed! And she expects you to do the same.

What crap.

There was no over-arching organizational schematic about how to be organized. She was cleaning out her cupboards and listing the stuff she got rid of.



I see I did not capture the prom dresses. Never throw away prom dresses.

How are your daughters going to play dress-up if you throw away your prom dresses?