Double Dang


Mr. Big Food and I traveled to the Great City of Birmingham, Alabama today. In addition to my new Sac Friend (which you might equate with a purse to the total embarrassment of my Sac), I took with me my phone, a note book, my iThingy, and a crappy old book.

About 45 minutes into the drive home– about 5:08pm– I wondered where my phone was.

Long story short, I can only hope my phone is sitting on the counter of the office in which I must have left it awaiting my call to said office to confirm my hope. (Office closed at 5.)

Poor phone. All alone & deactivated. Just sitting on that sterile desk– we hope!– waiting for me to call tomorrow morn.

That’s the best we– my phone & i– can hope for.


Meanwhile, Mr. Big Food has offered me the use of his phone but, though I appreciate it, it’s not really the same. Call the home phone if you need to talk.

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