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Life is not as complicated as you think it is

See here: “It’s a way for anyone” That’s your first clue! Any-ONE. Singular. “Their” is plural. I honestly don’t know what more to say. If you are confused by the distinction between singular and plural… God rest your soul and God help us everyone and Good F*&^ing God what is Wrong With You?


Mr. Big Food and I enjoyed a delightful Fancy Tuesday meal. We Country Mice have such fun playin’ like we’re all civilized City Mice & such. What with our Fancy tableclothes and napkins and color-co-ordinated dinosaurs. Sometimes, we are so civilized, you City Mice can hardly pick us Country Mice out of the Crowd. We

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“Hey, Marica?”

“Yes, Missy! What’s up?” “I am getting sort of old, Marica… “ “RUFF!” “OH NO YOU’RE NOT!” “I am. I am almost plus or minus five years old now.” “Oh my God, Missy. I sure do love you but you really have to stop fighting me on this one. When you say, ‘Plus or minus,’

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Farther Along Farm

I note that we are back Home on the Farm. Importantly, I do believe– in our absence– Folks had a good time here on our Farm. That is satisfying– in a BIG LIFE sort of way. We had to go to Memphis. We asked Daughter C & The JMan to Farm sit. I spruced up the

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obladeeobblabla… Life goes on. In news that matters, Mr. Big Food and I are in Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee. Where Important Questions are being asked and Answered. Right on  

Time to Plant

Long time followers of Big Food, Big Garden, Big Life, etc. will recognize these kids. They are anxious to plant seeds in the earth.