What a day

And I say that with no explanation point.

I waited all day for the new washing machine to be delivered only to be hugely disappointed in the new washing machine.

When I finally made it to the oasis of talk at the coffee shop that didn’t have nothing to do with the washing machine and was centered on political philosophy, I was informed that I should have made it to the Talk. But alas, I couldn’t make it on account of the fact that I was waiting for the washing machine, which I hate.

I am plotting out how I can return a washing machine.

The talk was on some political philosophy stuff. Dang.

The new washing machine is the Worst. Machine. Ever.

2 Responses

  1. “The new washing machine is the Worst. Machine. Ever.”

    Ok..so give us the skinny….what brand, and why is it so terrible???

    I can’t think of any washing machine I’ve ever had a strong opinion about…so it _must_ be something special!!!

    1. Oh it’s something special, alright. And at the root of my problem with that machine is the… you guessed it… United States Government. color commentary coming up!

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