Life is not as complicated as you think it is


See here: “It’s a way for anyone”

That’s your first clue!

Any-ONE. Singular.

“Their” is plural.

I honestly don’t know what more to say. If you are confused by the distinction between singular and plural… God rest your soul and God help us everyone and Good F*&^ing God what is Wrong With You?

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  1. No question about your correctness, but the alternative would be “his or her creative side” which is a tad awkward!
    So…while you’re undoubtedly right about the grammar aspect, I think I’d probably use the same structure.

    1. I appreciate what you are saying BUT! Isn’t the simplest way to be correct just to change the whole thing to plural? Us? We?

      I am committed (or should be?) to the idea that the falling standards *everywhere*– culture & society– began when we stopped enforcing grammatical standards. That’s my position and I’m sticking to it! 🙂

    1. Well… (no offense SueK) but I am not swayed by the Daily Californian. I did dictionary research on this once and was still convinced that correct is correct. I am especially emphatic about this because it’s not that hard to do properly. Says me.

  2. The popular acceptance of a misuse doesn’t make it grammatically correct. You could say “his or her” but you could also just say “his”. Or ” her”. Pick one and be done with it. Personally, I prefer grammatical correctness over political correctness in this case.

    You’re outlook is rare these days, though. Most people have no sense of nor appreciation for a well crafted, thoughtfully composed sentence.

  3. Heh. 7 replies. Interesting…

    I responded with a like comment (my pet peeve about an incorrect word use on the internet) and got about 10 responses – more than any other comment I’ve ever made on AT!

    My conclusion? There are a bunch of us grammar/vocabulary wonks out there who suffer from the careless – and ignorant – use of incorrect word choice and grammatical errors employed by poorly taught internet commenters!!

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