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just an observation

Several months ago a friend of mine characterized Cruz’s appearance as “ugly.” My friend was commenting on Cruz’ appearance, as he saw Cruz depicted. Look at this guy. I had not really paid attention to Cruz’ appearance until then. And yes. Contrary to the image of him on the Senate floor from a few years

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Grumpy Uncle Rocky

Missy: My Dear Friend, why are you so short with that sweet little Bebe thing? Rocky: Ruff? Gil: Sister’s right, Man. You do get a bit testy with Bebe. Rocky: Ruff? Me: Oh, guys! Give Uncle Rocky a break! At least he’s not snarling at Bebe any more. Missy: Truer words were never spoken, Marica.

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Rules of Behavior: If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

Speak not injurious words, neither in jest nor earnest; Scoff at none, although they give you occasion. G. Washington’s “Rules of Behavior” as found in Stepping Stones to Literature: A Reader for the Seventh Grades (1898) Have you noticed that many of George’s rules have modern day versions? My father always said, “If you can’t

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A Few Photos from Today

carrot cake by Daughter C   The Carrot Cake by Daughter C is done.   Reality. The kitchen in the apartment is not complete. I own a mahogany tea cart that my mother says could very well have been made in 1910. She says Baker Furniture was a very good furniture maker back in the

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More L.o.L etc.

AFC: — automatic frequency control — Air Force Cross — Appolo Flight Control BRB: — Borba (Yugoslav– Struggle– leading newspaper in Communist-controlled Yugoslavia) — British Railways Board FU: — Farmers Union — Friends University LOL: — length of lead (actual) — little old lady — Lobitos Oilfields Limited WTF: — will to fire — Waterford

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It’s comin’ on Tuesday and I am nearly finished recovering from the Mississippi Philosophical Association Meeting and am ready to return to LoL– my Life of Leisure. Laugh out Loud! If I may… . Mindful folks have a sense of what it takes to entertain all proper like. But even mindful folks forget about the

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Attention! Mississippi Philosophers!

Don’t you wish you were a Philosopher in Mississippi? Who’d gotten invited to the Mississippi Philosophical Association Meeting? The Reception for which is being held here at Farther Along Farm? You do. You know you do. ATTENTION!  Everybody’s a philosopher! Come along! Join us!