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“Rules of Behavior”: You Flatter Me!

Be no flatterer; neither play with any one that delights not to be played with. The language is old. I take the second clause to mean one shouldn’t joke around with someone who’s not in the mood to be joked around with. ?


I have the sniffles. Long time followers of know that I seldom complain (you zip your lip) about my own health. (See? wait for the qualification; you know I’m right. I don’t get sick. And when I do, I don’t complain.)

Anyway– I’m just warning you that I have the sniffles. I’m not used to having the sniffles. The sniffles make me grumpy. They make me want to say cuss words in Wal-Mart– which really ticks me off because I really do not want to be one of those people who utters audible cuss words at Wal-Mart.

I have one hour before I can transition from day- to night-time symptom medication.

A note about that. I don’t do cold & flu medication. I do tea and onions and garlic and naps and think it through that there’s a reason I have a low grade fever and I embrace my low grade fever by wrapping blankets around it. But enough is enough. And so I decided to deceive myself into thinking I *didn’t* have the sniffles by taking some OTC BS.

Anyway– point is I’m grumpy. And I’m going to go walk about the World Wide Web looking for a fight I can win.

Right on.