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In my little Country Mouse house

the kitchen is without power. We knew this was going to happen eventually. You just can’t wire things in serial until the cows come home. The Cows eventually, serially, come home. I’ve rigged up a way to run the coffemaker-meatgrinder-icecreamaker-bender-foodprocessor-kitchenaide circuit using some of my tornado preparedness supplies. Also. Today I snaked the toilet in the

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To be…

From an honest to God First Folio. Miss M called me while I was viewing a first Folio. She asked, “Are you crying?” I responded, “No. But I do have a tear in my eye.” ~~ “Marica, are your crying?” “No. Missy. Stop with that. I am not crying.” “ruff.” “How’d you like Oxford, Mississippi,

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“Yes, Missy.” “What is happening? You seem to be preparing to disrupt our well-loved routine. I see that there’s a small bag of those tasty nibbles– on top of which you scrape your breakfast leftovers– over there by the door. My Dear Friend and I are not stupid, Marica. We know when change is coming.”

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Got the Telly ON Tonight

And I’m being lectured. “America’s BEST DAys are beHINd her.” Etc. These are the facts of the matter, as they pertain to Mr. Big Food and I, and our family and friends: I rearranged my desk today so that I could more easily access a few reference books. “When the American people get to vote

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