“Yes, Missy.”

“What is happening? You seem to be preparing to disrupt our well-loved routine. I see that there’s a small bag of those tasty nibbles– on top of which you scrape your breakfast leftovers– over there by the door. My Dear Friend and I are not stupid, Marica. We know when change is coming.”

“Well, Missy. I cannot tell a lie.”


“It was a rhetorical flourish, Rocky.”

“Change is coming, then?”


“Change is coming. BUT you get to see your City Mice pals, Gil & Bebe!!!!!”

“Oh. Bebe. What a delightful little annoying critter.”


“I should prepare for change?”

“Yes. We are going to Oxford. Oxford, Mississippi.”




“Yes. We are gong to see The First Folio.”

“Oh. Well. And you say we’ll be seeing my Dear Old Friend the Long Haired Hippy Dog? And that little kid, Bebe?”



“Well, then. My Dear Friend and I wish you a pleasant evening. We will dream of good times to come. Good night.”