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The Natural Order of Things

Today, Mr. Big Food and I met with our attorney. We actually have more than one attorney. One is a high priced, high power guy who we have on retainer. He’s also the girls’ attorney. We also have a power firm financial consultant who makes grappling hooks. And then we have our local, licensed to

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There is Great Confusion on Earth

The other day, on the Radio, I heard a Jackson, Mississippi law enforcement officer describe a decomposed dead body as having: “… no identity regarding sex, race, or gender.” The fact that the skeleton was shirtless and wearing “basketball shorts” was not a clue. I have had it with this stupid shit. Be & do

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Recipe: Zucchini Monteray

From Clifton’s Silver Spoon Restaurant, a long-time downtown L.A. eatery. ZUCCHINI MONTEREY Serves 5 1 ½ lbs zucchini, cubed Boiling salted water (for cooking zucchini) 4 eggs, beaten lightly ½ C milk ½ tsp Accent 1 tsp salt Dash cayenne pepper 2 tsp baking powder 3 Tbsp flour ¼ C fresh parsley, chopped 4 oz

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I’ve Cleaned My Desk

And have nothing more to say. ~~ That’s actually not the whole truth. In that stack of books is one titled, “Hungary and the Superpowers: The 1956 Revolution and Realpolitik” by János Radványi published by Stanford University Press, Stanford, California, in 1972. It’s a little book– as “I hope to get tenure” academic books typically

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“I have a story!”

“Okay, hey, Missy.” “Marica! I would like to tell a story. I’m sure I could do my story justice. I am well versed in the English Language. It would be a story about a little dog named Bebe and my friend Gilbert, and my dear Friend Rocky and me– I mean myself– and ” “Missy….

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