I’ve Cleaned My Desk


And have nothing more to say.


That’s actually not the whole truth. In that stack of books is one titled, “Hungary and the Superpowers: The 1956 Revolution and Realpolitik” by János Radványi published by Stanford University Press, Stanford, California, in 1972.

It’s a little book– as “I hope to get tenure” academic books typically are. It’s about 196 pages of text. It’s a book. It’s how you get tenure.

Hum. I see that the book is inscribed to one “Barry Brooks with friendship and best professional wishes. December 17, 1976. Mississippi State University.” Scribbled Signature.

So. Barry invited János to give a talk and 40+ years later here is János’s book on my desk.

I like the Hungarians.

The Original New Europeans.