We aren’t really poor, but we act like we are

Mr. Big Food & I are not really poor– that is, as a datum, we do not reside at the most left <- -part on curve that plots # of household (y-axis) by household income (x-axis from $0 to –> $$$$$$).

The reason that we don’t is because we behave as if we do, because we have in the past lived in that neighborhood over there on the poor side of life.

In other words, we live beneath our means.

Our electric bill next month is going to be out of this world. It’s been unseasonably hot. Four people use more E than 2. I’ve been running the A/C in workshop b/c I can’t bear to see Tiger pant when the heat index is 109°F.

And so– at the risk of sharing too much personal stuff– I just cooled myself down by rinsing my legs in cold water.

Works every time.

In other news, Missy has grown into a wonderful dog. Grumpy Uncle Rocky is more and more tolerant of that freckled face demon, Bebe, and Gil needs a holiday.

And there is a baby coming.


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    1. But then I’d have to spend money on cat therapy b/c of the way M abuses T. You heard it last night!

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