Starkville 55 | Oxford 16

Or how to understand Brexit and the coming Sexit, also known as The South Shall Rise Again. In a nice way.

Each year Mississippi Magazine– a very glossy publication– solicits readers’ input for the “Best Of” issue. Vote for the Best New Restaurant (Bulldog Burger, Starkville), Best Breakfast (Starkville Cafe), and Best Barbecue (The Little Dooey, Starkville), etc.

It’s a fun issue– arrives in my mailbox at the end of June.

As I was thumbing through the Best Ofs, I– lowly Country Mouse that I am– noticed a trend. More Starkville than Oxford.

And indeed, when I tallied, Starkville had 55 mentions in the top five; Oxford, 16.

Poor Oxford.

The point about Brexit is this. Why are you surprised that I want the home team/town to win? I love Oxford, but I love Starkville better. I would have been appalled if some book store other than Square Books were to have been voted Best Book Store. I was surprised fewer Oxford folks voted for Big Bad Breakfast than Starkville folks voted for Starkville Cafe.

Maybe the Oxford team has some work to do. Rah rah.

I would not want to live in Oxford. But if Oxford  were under attack, I would root for Oxford.

This is like Evolutionary Biology 101.