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In other news

I have been hopefully– wishful thinkingly– thinking that I’d vote Libertarian. Pardon my language for just one minute but… How the hell do you take a moment in time when a serious advocate of Liberty and Freedom might have made a point or two– might have perked up and ear or two as Good Old

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“Can you hand me a small bowl?

I need to reserve this chicken fat,” Mr. Big Food said as I was passing through the kitchen earlier this morning. “We are weird,” I said as I fetched him a small bowl for his chicken fat. “Yes, we are. But we’ve known that for quite some time,” Mr. Big Food replied. By the by…

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The Mark

The mark of a good dinner is what the leftovers look like.

Market Update: 0

My subjective evaluation of the used book store scene in Bay St. Louis was 0. There’s nothing all that exciting and there’s certainly nothing worth the price.

Return Trip

Mr. Big Food and I have just returned to the Farm from a little jaunt to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It’s an interesting place on Earth. (The rainbow’s not too heavy-handed, is it?) ALL Are Welcome in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi! We walked around a “house” that was up on toothpick stilts. And you should

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Ahh. It’s hard being normal.

This just don’t make no sense. Decline housekeeping. Eat at restaurant. Because restaurants at casinos on the gulf coast don’t use energy. Got it.

There Was A Lot of Thunder

We live in The Country. The burgers were delicious.


Today was Mr. Big Food’s and my 17th anniversary. Time flies, don’t you know?

Mad Money

I always keep a spot of mad money tucked away so I won’t have to leave a book behind and be mad about it. H/t Miss M who sent me this on Pinterest. Thanks, man.

The Classics

I just read a very interesting article about the Classics, and especially the Aeneid. Meanwhile, Mr. Big Food made Chicken & Pastry with some fresh herbs this evening. We had a salad with lots of home grown tomatoes. The Farm flourished in my absence. A testament to Daughter C. Though there is a toilet paper

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