Independence Day Eve

This will be the first Independence Day in a long time– not counting Independence Day of The Lost Summer which was totally understandable– that we haven’t celebrated Independence Day in a BIG way.

The reason, in part, is that it’s just Mr. Big Food and I here on the Farm. The circumstances of Life have dictated that it’s just the two of us this long weekend.

We are reminiscing, and laying low.

I did read The Grievances time and again.

In years past, the Grievances were a call to Arms– reading them reminded me of Freedom & Liberty. Individual Freedom. The Sovereignty of the Individual. The Rule of Law.

And then I engaged the world out there and holy cow.

That’s the other reason we aren’t celebrating Independence Day in a big way.

Other than the celebration of a historical event that has no relevance whatsoever anymore, what’s to celebrate?



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