The Classics


I just read a very interesting article about the Classics, and especially the Aeneid.

Meanwhile, Mr. Big Food made Chicken & Pastry with some fresh herbs this evening. We had a salad with lots of home grown tomatoes.

The Farm flourished in my absence. A testament to Daughter C. Though there is a toilet paper thief lurking about.

As I read about Venezuela, I am reminded of the pink toilette paper in Bucharest. And the bananas. There were bananas everywhere. Turns out, our old pal “Chowshevskue” couldn’t quite figure out how to keep bananas flowing into Romania. So after his “overturn” people went monkeys over bananas.

Socialism as run by human beings just does’t work.

Neither, does Authoritarianism or Totalitarianism.

In the long game, the movement is clearly toward understanding one’s place as an individual within a community.


Haha. Gotcha! What shit.

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