Return Trip

IMG_20160726_082812002Mr. Big Food and I have just returned to the Farm from a little jaunt to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

It’s an interesting place on Earth. (The rainbow’s not too heavy-handed, is it?) ALL Are Welcome in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi!

We walked around a “house” that was up on toothpick stilts. And you should have seen the water pipes! Having some experience as homeowners has given Mr. Big Food and I a whole different perspective at looking at buying a little place down on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

On the other hand, there was that house with the new copper pipes and an emphasis on bathrooms. I appreciate that. That was a nice house. And it’s not every day that you are invited into a 75 year old house just spittin’ distance from the coast. For history’s sake alone someone should look into that house.

Neither was for us, but both helped us hone in on what we are looking for. That’s key. (That’s a nice sentence right there. Did you notice? Neither-but. Not a construction you often see. Just came to me until I saw that it might be funny to talk about it.)

The Mississippi Gulf Coast is interesting. Mississippi is an interesting place if you are willing to just look around.

I don’t like to commercialize things but … .

No. Never mind. We cain’t every even spale dawn her.

Stay. Away.

(Okay, okay. You can come to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and gamble and otherwise spend your money. But then go away. But come back next year!)

Anyway– we’re back on the Farm & there’s talk amongst us of a wonderful Fall Garden. And a book or two to read. Soon, tailgates will intrude. But see below.

And Miss M sends me a photo of Baby Bunny every morning.

I have decided that Baby Bunny will read Virgil, first in Latin.

And… . Wait for it… . KAT’S COMING! See above. Kat would love to be John’s Soo Chef for the first tailgate. (How is SN?)

So the rainbow is *not* too heavy-handed.

Except for me re-learning Latin. That’s wishful thinking.

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  1. Heh.

    amo amamus

    amas amantus

    amat amant

    At least…that’s how memory dictates it…!

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