“Can you hand me a small bowl?

I need to reserve this chicken fat,” Mr. Big Food said as I was passing through the kitchen earlier this morning.

“We are weird,” I said as I fetched him a small bowl for his chicken fat.

“Yes, we are. But we’ve known that for quite some time,” Mr. Big Food replied.

By the by… . You won’t believe what Daughter C and The J-Man gave us for our anniversary. Just you wait!

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  1. So…what’s weird about saving the chicken fat?? You have three options:

    Throw it out (certainly not down the sink…so that means feeding it to the dogs, right? Not that that’s a _bad_ idea…but not unless it’s old or you happen to have more than you can reasonably use before it gets rancid)

    Leave it in the recipe you’re making (greasy food _sometimes_ is yummy…but usually?? not so much!)

    Save it and use it for other yummy stuff like gravy or other recipes that call for fat/oil to brown stuff. Oil is ok, but doesn’t add much in the way of flavor…animal fats _do_ add flavor. In fact, if the meat is fatless, often it’s pretty tasteless as well.

    Besides…saving bacon grease – and chicken fat as well, I’m sure…is an old Southern tradition! I still have a grease collection can for the stove top… It is covered, with a perforated tray so that the intended bacon grease has the solid crumbs don’t pass through into the fat. I don’t have room for it in my fridge, so I just use glass jars. And I don’t mix the various fats. I haven’t seen any of those grease collectors in any of my gadget shopping trips – in the stores or online! I sort of figured they’ve become passe’.

    1. It’s only weird because I suspect not too many folks do it any more– as your not finding the gadgets reveals.

      We save all of our bacon grease. And chicken fat. And if I’m not mistaken John still has some goose fat tucked in a glass mason jar in the corner of the fridge.

      Which reminds me… . I believe there is a gumbo in our near future! And what’s the first thing you do when making gumbo? Make a roux. With your saved fat!

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