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In other news

Supper was awesome if I do say myself.


I am not one to criticize local custom but, c’mon, man. Six inches is not enough. It has been so hot for so long that the cold water coming out of the “city” water pipes is warm enough to take a bath in on a cool Autumn day. The folks in charge really should think

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“Marica?” “Yes, Missy.” “Ruff.” “I think I need a time line.” “You ‘n me both, Missy. What time are you interested in? Sorry. In what time are you interested?” “Roman Empire or there abouts.” “Oh Good Christ!” “Ruuuuffff!!!” “ohmy goodness!! arewegoing to read about the oh no. i cannot process this. are we i need

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|Pluses and Minuses|

Remember absolute values? +/- Recall that if error has a direction, something is seriously wrong. ~~ “Marica?” “Yes, Missy.” “ruff?” “Are you well?” “I think so, Missy. But I cannot be sure, give or take.” “ruff?” “I know, I know.”     ~~ Sorry. I’ve gotten sucked into derivative Greek stuff. We’ve been eating well.

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“This means you can make The Friends of The Library Book Sale held every first Monday of the Month unless the first Monday is a holiday in which case it’s held the second Monday of the Month which is the case in September 2016. But your flight out isn’t until … scrolling down… 6:30pm so

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Not much

“Marica?” “Oh, hey, Missy! What’s up?” “Ruff?” “Not much, Marica. Just thinkin’.” “ruff.” “Thinkin’ about what, Missy?” “ruff?” “Not much, Marica.” “Ruff.”

There are stars in the Sky

Belatedly but happily posting this. There was a celebration here on The Farm yesterday! It was Jordan’s birthday!! There was cake. It was good. (At some point you just have to let the adjective work for itself. We all know there are varying degrees of good. The Farm has its own standards of The Good.

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I had forgotten all about this photograph

It was Friday’s supper after we got back home from A&S Happy Hour. Mr. Big Food promoted it as “Impromptu” supper and Daughter C took exception based on the definition of the word, “impromptu.” But the food was good.


In a different world, my little blog would have a readership. And when I wanted something to happen, I would post it on my blog and bingo-bamo people would be tripping over themselves to contribute. That friend of Instapundit’s InstaDaughter did alright. She got way more than the 5K she asked for. You may not

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