Dumb luck

WHY TRUMP’S MESSAGE IS RESONATING WITH SO MANY VOTERS: “Wage stagnation has resulted in many Americans feeling left out of the new economy. On real terms (inflation adjusted dollars), wages are back to where they were in 1996. . . . Frankly, I’ve been confused about the anger and support of Trump. But the misunderstanding is almost certainly due to my luck in life. I live in a bubble in New York City and in the technology industry. I’ve benefited from a good education and an opportunity to work in the new economy. These are not opportunities that most people have been lucky enough to access. The anger stems from a reasonable psychological reaction to relative economic comparisons and the very real difficulty that stagnating wages cause. The Democratic Party and everyone trying to convince her family and friends that Donald Trump cannot be the next President must keep this data in mind.”


It’s what happens when you have a flat tire and are LUCKY enough to come across one of them thar stupid unlucky folk who actually knows how to change a flat tire. Or snake a drain. Or unfreeze frozen pipes. Or grow a tomato. Or who knows that “data” is a plural noun.

It’s THESE DATA you imbecile.