Full Metal Menu

In addition to the watermelon sorbet, we had a German potato salad and beer brats for supper.


Culture is built from the ground up. If the foundation of your culture rests on sand, well, I predict things are not going to go all that well for you & your culture.

If, however, your culture is based on watermelon sorbet, beer brats and German potato salad… . In the crappy old sense of German potato salad…

Interesting times we occupy, don’t you think?

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  1. Having some problems loading your page… I’ll try to copy the page I get in response to clicking on my saved link, but it says you have some sort of bad code or something. If I reload, it works. ????

    Same on comments…we’ll see if this goes through…

    1. Should be okay now– after a day of dealing with support. Let me know if you are still having problems.

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