A Country Mouse Faux Pas


Over the past few days, I’ve quizzed Mr. Big Food about Saturday’s supper. He always comes up with something good and food is one of those things in life that’s something to look forward to.

I asked him what we were having for supper Saturday evening and I was pretty sure he said Big Pot Of Food.

And when I looked at the slow cooker out there just cooking away since Mr. Big Food started it at 1:30AM this morning, I understood.

It was a Big Pot of Food.

We worked hard today.

There were parsnips.

It wasn’t until about 5:30 PM or so that I actually looked at the menu and saw that it was ‘Pot au Feu’ . That’s fucking French.


So let’s see.

I know who Killed Homer.

fuckin’ French.

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