“This means you can make The Friends of The Library Book Sale held every first Monday of the Month unless the first Monday is a holiday in which case it’s held the second Monday of the Month which is the case in September 2016. But your flight out isn’t until … scrolling down… 6:30pm so that totally means we can hit the book sale before we have to get you to Memphis!

“How exciting!!”

Kat’s on her way to The Farm.

And the lazy dog days of summer spent reading about the Ancients– and reading The Ancients themselves– … .

… .




“zzzzzzz…zzzz Oh! the ancients. I love the ancients. Who doesn’t love the ancients? HOMER!.”

“Missy, you realize there’s an extra mark there, don’t you?

“I do.”


“the ancients! who are the ancients? you people keep talking and talking and talkingandtalkingand i am trying to learn but goshican’tevenfigureout how [coughcough] to swimwithout [coughcough] co.. those little ittybitty fish … whothehell are the Ancients?”


“Bebe. Be quiet.”

“Yes, Ma’am, Miss Missy. Yes, Ma’am.”