“Yes, Missy.”


“I think I need a time line.”

“You ‘n me both, Missy. What time are you interested in? Sorry. In what time are you interested?”

“Roman Empire or there abouts.”

“Oh Good Christ!”


“ohmy goodness!! arewegoing to read about the oh no. i cannot process this. are we i need water whereisthecleanwater ohmygod ihaveto thank the roamans for cleanaquiferwhateverwater arewe going to readgibbonoh i don’t thinki’m old enough.”


“So, we’ll be reading about the Decline & Fall?”

“That’s my plan, Missy.”


“I know nothing about the intersection of Rome & Christ.”

“Should be interesting.”


“iknownothing butihopeto learnmoreandmoreand…”


“yessir. yessir.”