Why are we doing this?

I hope to have photographs tomorrow. Bear with me as we contemplate the important questions.

Why are we doing this?

Why did Daughter C spend a whole entire day picking and tying bundles of grasses which are drying on the South-facing apartment wall?

Why did Kat package up multiple freezer bags containing 2.5 pounds of shelled but not deveined semi-frozen shrimp so the stinky shrimp water wouldn’t get in the bunkhouse?

For that matter, why did she & I harvest multiple bunches of fresh thyme and mint this morning and later deliver it to Alix?

Why did we collect 4 bags of 10 greens peppers each for Alix who has a little one with a fever?

Why is Kat– who is supposed to be on a leisurely visit to the Farm– serving as our Safe Serve Captain?

Why did Mr. Big Food and I stay up past our bed time to pick cooked chicken off the bone AND do something with a big pig thing in the slow cooker?


Why? Why do I have every confidence that when I hit a snag on Game Day, the J-Man will be right there with a better-than-Keating set of possible solutions?

Why? Why are we doing this?

I keep asking and the best I can come up with is because we can. We can.

[Cue some Greek stuff.]

High Fives all around on Sunday Morning.

Been there. Done That.