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Mr. Big Food asked me

to take more food photos. And so I present to you the remains of the Ever Popular BIG FOOD FAVORITE Boiled Dinner. Modeled after Mr. Ed’s Boiled Dinner. [That’s the homemade Creamy Mustard Dressing up there in the NorthEast] This is leftover lunch. Food has been good lately. We’re hoping for cooler weather.

Scenes from the TailGate

We are home now. Thank The Good Lord Almighty. I clocked it at 12 hours. 12 hours. You are welcome. Oh. By the way– My going rate is $50 per hour. 12 Hours today, plus the other 47.5 hours this week… I’M RICH!!

Kidz grow up

Today Daughter C and I hooked up the trailer and took the generator, which has a stopped float, and the 4-wheeler, which has a messed up carburetor, to our local small engine repair shop. Daughter C played with the goats at the shop. The little kids are cute as the dickens. This one had been bottle fed. He’s

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Pictures of a Pleasant Interior (at least to me)

I hope you have a nice evening. We are a bit agitated that it’s hot & dry. We talk about it being hot and dry all of the time. It’s very dusty. And there is Company coming. Brits.

Pleasing Pictures

So I am in a funk with regard to the A&S tailgate and The United States of America. I won’t even have a Columbus Day post on actual Columbus Day. So I’ve just decide to post pleasing pictures for The Rest of My Life. Boo!