Baby Bunny Update, et cetera

Baby Bunny went to his first Mommy & Me Story Time at his local library. I hear he had a great time!

I expect he’ll be rolling over and quoting Hesiod any day now.

Meanwhile… .

We Country Mice hit the Friends of the Library Book Fair in S’vegas.

Here’s what I’ve cataloged so far:


That Health via Food is a real hoot!

That Skyscrapers book was written by the guy who built Crew Tower in the ‘Nati. And some other things.

I am not a fan of FDR. But, it’s important to preserve that which should be preserved, as contrasted with that which is undeserving of a space on the shelf. Who am I to decide which is which?

To my credit, and to the best of my knowledge, there is not a John Grisham book on the Farm.

Pulp Fiction.