Today was an interesting day


According to my phone, my phone and I interacted such that I want you to believe that I took this photo at 8:49am this morning.

We were so on target. Let’s leave at 8:30 and so we did. For mere mortals, this would be a monumental undertaking. We managed to pack a second breakfast and extra water, and have the trailer hitched up by 8:30.

And then.

The vibrations were the coolest. As the socket jumped off the ball, the trailer ran into the back of the truck.

The fellow in the bluish shirt commented that if I had been doing faster, the trailer might have gone down into the ditch.

Fundamental physics.

I think about causation from time to time.

It’s complicated for a Country Mouse.

Anyway– as you can see, we unhitched the trailer, I drove down to Stewart Auto Service, I briefly explained the prob… and before I could finish they were on it and we were back on the Road Again at 8:58.

City Mice can’t do that.


We also went tailgate grocery shopping.

keyword: frugal