Kidz grow up


Today Daughter C and I hooked up the trailer and took the generator, which has a stopped float, and the 4-wheeler, which has a messed up carburetor, to our local small engine repair shop. Daughter C played with the goats at the shop.

The little kids are cute as the dickens. This one had been bottle fed. He’s a pet goat.

The big guy is a


serious goat.

He was once a pet. But then he found his autonomous goatness.

I can see the allure of goats, but I think I will stick to dogs.

“Stick to? Stick to? As if the decision to love us– love me!– is a default position? Marica! I thought better of you.”

“Oh for crying out loud, Missy.”

“Ruff. ruff. ruff!”

“Oh, man, you’re right, Rocky! Gil would be envious of that goat’s coat.”

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