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Here’s the thing

So we’re done with all that traveling and Guest Speaker stuff. We are going to be going to Texas very soon. And then North Carolina. But for now, the five of us, and five or more of our closest (regionally speaking, as in “who within a couple hundred miles or so could you spend a

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Get this:

People know who William Faulkner was. I am curious as to why rye grass was flourishing on the left side of the walk but not the right. It’s annual rye. Looks like somebody’s– as in you had one job– made a mistake. Outside of Eastern North Carolina– and maybe the rye looks so artificial. ~~ Also,

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We’re back. This was a delightful beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes Mr. Big Food made for election night coverage. Today Daughter C & I baked bread, and she made a really really good lentil soup for supper. And we watched episode 4 of the Sopranos. So. Let’s catch up. Mr. Big Food and I finished

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We did some traveling around the Southeast this week

I checked in with my Grandson. He’s the cutest living thing you’ve ever seen. Not that you all weren’t the cutest living things in your own time but c’mon. He’s cute. Mr. Big Food spent some time in Atlanta being a philosopher of neuroc John. I think everyone had a good time. Neda might come

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Well, this is odd

As you may recall, about a month or so ago I proclaimed that I would just post pleasant pictures for the foreseeable future. See, for example, Just another picture What were you doing a month ago? Tomorrow, Mr. Big Food, The BartMan, Andrew, and I travel to Atlanta. Most folks know nothing about this but

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