Well, this is odd

As you may recall, about a month or so ago I proclaimed that I would just post pleasant pictures for the foreseeable future.

See, for example,

Just another picture

What were you doing a month ago?

Tomorrow, Mr. Big Food, The BartMan, Andrew, and I travel to Atlanta.

Most folks know nothing about this but there have been two explosions at a … place in Alabama that is a significant factor in the price and availability of gasoline in the Southeast.

I bought BabyBunny a toy.


So I am going to unceremoniously drop Mr. Big Food, TheBartMan, and Andrew off in Atlanta and I am going to go see Baby Bunny.

There was a lot of discussion about this Turtle. Mr. Big Food, Daughter C, The J-Man, and I had different opinions about the Turtle’s current state of … health.   affairs.

I initially examined it and I deemed it worth $6.95 at Tractor Supply where I was looking for John Deer Baby Bunny cloths and picking up some dog food.

I cared for it. I made sure it didn’t get crushed in the truck under all of that dog food and cat litter and bookshelves and stuff.

And I unpacked him, and put him on the breakfast table and then considered that the breakfast table wasn’t a very safe place to be it you were a Baby Bunny Toy that looks remarkably like a dog toy.

So I moved him to my desk and I barricaded him in some of the stuff that I need to pack.

Mr. Big Food made a wonderful supper, and we were talking about things and … I wanted to do show & tell with the turtle– Tractor Supply Co. never a dull moment– … .

I found the turtle in Missy’s box. Pretty much in tact except for that tear in his cheek and the styrofoam bleeding.

This is where it gets complicated if you have’t heard the arguments before.


The turtle has a 1″ laceration just above his right nostril.

Lesson: The truth will set you free.