We’re back.

This was a delightful beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes Mr. Big Food made for election night coverage.

Today Daughter C & I baked bread, and she made a really really good lentil soup for supper. And we watched episode 4 of the Sopranos.

So. Let’s catch up.

Mr. Big Food and I finished the X-Files. All 10 seasons and two movies. And we’ve moved on to The Sopranos. Good Times.

The 2016 Election has come and gone. But, as this is not a Political Blog, that does not really concern us all that mush. Mush.

The Friends of the Library Books Sale Book Fair was this past Monday. Daughter C spent an inordinate amount of my squirreled away money on Christmas Presents. But. I was the one with the Big Score. You just wait and see!

And that’s not all!

Today, I picked up the generator and the 4-wheeler from Mr. James Stewart’s shop.

Here’s something that I did not anticipate. The dogs were pretty much ho-hum over the ATV. It’s been sitting up there on the porch of the shop for years, after all. And it’s not all that different than a lawn tractor. So when I went out there this afternoon and let the dogs loose and cranked up the ATV, Rocky and Missy and Bebe were pretty much themselves.

Gilbert, however, took a shine to the ATV. He often walks beside me along the path as the beasts are behaving like dogs in the pasture. I did not anticipate that he would run along side the ATV as I drove it up the path to the Leaning Tree.

He’s such a gracious guy.

AND… We are going to commence playing another round of the Dinner Party!

This time fictional characters are allowed. And there’s no age limit!