This Game Is a Lot of Work.

That’s why, even though we’ve talked about it a lot, this is only the second time we’ve played this game: The Dinner Party Game.

We opened it up to fictional characters and, unlike the now First Dinner Party game, we imposed no linear time limits.

I’ve gone back and read some of the conversations.

What a wonderful dinner party that was.

The entire thing is here on the blog somewhere. There might be a tag. ?


This second round should be fun.

We have five players:

John, Marica, Caroline, Jordan, Kat&Tony. 1 2 3 4 5 . X five guests.

It winds up looking– this year– like this:

The first thing I did, on seeing this photo, was to (pardon me for skipping a few steps) change Jordan’s color from purple to dark blue. We then randomized the color coded guest list, and then we randomly assigned our 25 guests to the 25 chairs– numbering clockwise with the head of the table, and thus the first speaker, at noon.

Dang. It’s not really in focus is it? That’s the way that the world goes round.

I am excited to hear what folks have to say.

BTW. just fuckingly randomly… in the universe The Twelfth Doctor starts the conversation.

Hesiod replies.

I hope Dirk Gently shows up somehow.

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