Something different

A shrub in Cincinnati.


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  1. That _looks_ like Lantana…which is common in California. I would _not_ expect to find it in Cincinnati – especially this time of year, unless it was in an arboretum or some sort of indoor planter.

    I like it, though. If it _isn’t_ Lantana, I’d like to know what it _is_!

    1. It’s an old picture from back in the vault. The only name I ever heard was bridal wreath. (It’s not lantana.) It was a spectacular specimen– about 6-7′ tall and every bit as big around. The blooms were very fragrant, too. Beautiful. Blooms in late May in Cincinnati, if I recall correctly.

  2. Using Bridal Wreath as my search term, I found this link:

    The first photo looks like yours – and a lot like Lantana. The second and third photos down look like the Bridal Veil (as I learned it) that I recognize from when we lived in Ohio. It doesn’t look like the same plant! The difference is in how the blooms present…as “spots” on the bush, or as the solid chains of blooms on the branches.
    I remember those blooming and smelling wonderful as an early bloomer…not as early as some (what is the yellow one that is such an early bloomer??) but early. We do have seasons in California, but certainly not as distinctly as the midwest.!

  3. SueK, I cannot tell you how much I look forward to your comments. Your sticking up for the absent ElAl pilot was much appreciated.

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