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So. There was another Philosopher out here.

And that gave us a good excuse to go spy on some wildlife. We worked hard to make that photograph happen. And then they had the audacity to talk freaking metaphysics all weekend. I mean what the actual hell? Silly philosophers.

Probably not my best letter ever,

but I’m tired of this. When was the internet invented? When was the last time you had to actually think  about connecting to the internet (when you weren’t in a hotel)? We do it every fuck. *. ing. day. Hi Brandon— My husband, John Bickle and I communicated and met with you several years ago

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A Great Disappointment

The Beavers have decided– that’s right! I’ve ascribed intentionality to Beavers!– to go into hiding. Stupid Beavers. And on and on it went last evening. Not a Beaver to be seen in any of the photographs taken by the Trail Cam. I’m of a mind to send it back. It’s supposed to take pictures of

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Weekend I have watched 5+ seasons of The Sopranos. I’ve been alive long enough to claim a senior discount on cheap coffee at McDonalds. I know how Life Works. Right now I am enjoying my pizza.   Mr. Big Food has gone fishing, meaning we can eat frozen pizza. Meaning no disrespect, but I think

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I have a lot of crappy old Biology textbooks. The other day, I did a quick observational drive-by. I searched for “gene.” What I found was interesting. Also. At one point in time, I linked to … what’s that guy? He was in Montana and then he moved. He’s got some amazing photographs of Life

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I like to think I am a good hostess

and I’m ALL Libertarian and ALL… but where’s our houseguest? And the person charged with getting our houseguest back out here on the Farm? Hum. I’m sure they’ll figure it out. UPDATE: Well. Note to drivers out there– as you approach a law enforcement officer’s vehicle with its lights flashing because the officer has pulled

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