Crappy Old Fashioned

This is a post for “insiders.” That’s funny because the topic of the conference was Civics– what we do when we all get together and think about how we should do things when we all get together.

I think as far as things go in 2017, that should (NORMATIVE) pass for a grammatically correct assertion.

Each of us has a right.

Mind your manners.



Anyway. We had the MPA Conference reception out here on the Farm, as has become something of a crappy old tradition.

And I served Old Fashioneds. It was the most civilized drink involving bourbon that I could come up with. It’s too cold for mint julips.

Life has it’s ups and downs. The trick is to have more ups than downs as time– life– goes on.

OMG! Speaking of Insiders…  ELON MUSK?!? We are waiting to hear from you!

UPDATED. Mr. Big Food did speak of Robert’s Rules this evening. He did not specify which edition… . Loooook, people I do not collect these crappy old books just for the fun of it.