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Deep South

So tomorrow we are off to the Deep South Philosophy of Biology Conference. Do not take that announcement as an invitation to rob the Farm. Daughter C, the J-Man, and Gilbert, Bebe, Rocky & Missy will be guarding the joint. And the humans know where the loaded guns are stashed. The humans also know where

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I’m tired of traveling

But this trip has potential! So Coach Bruno’s nephew has agreed to Farm/dog/cat/Farm sit. This is a big deal. Lately & usually there have been four of us. Now the four of us are going to Savannah. Leaving Coach Bruno’s nephew in charge of four dogs and two cats and 60 acres. Not to mention

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A Sprig of Life

There’s a wedding coming up. And Kat wants permission to establish a Food Forest. Go for it, Kat. You should know, our Last Will & Testament has been filed. Caroline gets the Tiffany silver, you share and share alike the rest. We stuck in a non binding admonition that we would haunt you forever if

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So there’s a wedding coming up

And the beavers are making themselves at home. And life goes on. The Little Fellow is learning stuff and so are his mom & dad. I haven’t mentioned this to anyone (except Mr. Big Food who was there) but I ran into a 5 mo. old the other day. You’ have thought those young couples

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I was told I was to be in Kansas.

Imagine my surprise upon discovering that I am in Missouri. This is not the sort of mistake I make. Indeed, I asked, “Missouri or Kansas?” as I was checking on the weather. I was told Kansas but, “It’s all one big thing.” It may be but I am in Missouri. Missouri is a stupid state.

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