Here’s an interesting subtext train of thought

As you are well aware, there are a lot of books at the Farm.

In last week’s newspaper, there was a call to donate books.

If you are interested, the project is called “United We Read.” It’s a redistribution project, but as books have value that cannot be quantified but can only be piled on, I am in favor of this project.

So I went through a few shelves of books from back in the day. I asked if any had (sentimental) value (as I had observed that they had all taken these lessons to heart).

I sent it as an email with two panels, one of which you are seeing. And please note that sheet music for all of the Hanson’s Greatest Hits was omitted.

In an email, I said,

I am donating some books to a local book drive aimed at distributing books to both kids and adults for summer reading.

Do you have attachments to any of these?

Let me know!

Love you!

Remarkably– and if I do say so myself– all three have replied.

Within about a minute or so, Miss M repled:

Nope. I’ll allow it.

The gall. She doesn’t even live here anymore. “Allow.” Ha!

Shortly thereafter, Kat said, “I recognize some, but they’re all OK to donate. Thanks for asking!” 

Passover has begun. You would call yourselves lucky to have such wonderful daughters.

And now, after having sent the original email several hours ago, Daughter C, who lives like right up those steps– and who trips over me (her mother) all the time replied, “Yes, please do not give those away just yet.  I have books you can give away.”

 O. Kay.