It Were Fancy Tuesday

Notice how I managed in one swoop to obliterate both agreement and tense.

These are some leaks.

These are the leaks in cream sauce topped with a breadcrumb-butter mixture about to go in the oven.

There was some discussion about how many breadcrumbs this dish needed.

I lost.

It happens.

This is Poulet Marengo. Mr. Big Food got this recipe from Craig Claibourne’s New York TImes Cookbook.

Look. I’ve lived in Mississippi for more than seven years. I know that Craig Claibourne was a Mississippi native.

This is a Craig Claiborne recipe.

He was a Mississippi boy.

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  1. That would be “leeks”, I think.

    And I can post from work, but not from home. Annoying. And of course, I _am_ supposed to be working…

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