Tuna Casserole I

I was hoping to post a few photos of this evening’s supper– Tuna Casserole I.

As you have noticed, it’s been a LOOOONG time since I’ve religiously posted food photographs and recipes.

The reason is that we had to change our accommodations with Verizon.

Verizon Satellite it the only way we connect to the World Wide Web.

We once had unlimited data. That was nice. And then Verizon raised the price of unlimited and priced us out of the market. So we did some analytics on our data usage and discovered that because we never before had used more that 13 Gigabytes of data, the 15 Gig plan would work for us.

As would the extra bitch-and-we-will-give-you-2-extra-gigs-and now we are up to paying for 15-20-30 gigs.


Mind you, nothing in our behavior has changed.

We are being scammed and we know it.

So now we are back on an “unlimited” plan that is slower than molasses.


Sometimes I turn the radio on in the truck after the kids have driven the truck. (N.P.R.)

There’s a great ad telling people who are on government assistance that they might qualify for a reduction in their internet bill or something.

Oh! I see that the photos I sent to my laptop from my phone are arriving. 30 mins. late.