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The Summer House

Mostly, we go to sleep in the Bunkhouse– also known as the Jagerhaus– in the wintertime, when the power goes out. The furnace fans in the Big House require power but the little propane wall unit in the Bunkhouse just burns propane and generates heat.  It can be right cozy back in the Bunkhouse– also

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From the Department of Redundancy Department

We have two separate A/C units for the Big House. One has been failing for quite some time and finally bit the bullet yesterday. The other smaller unit– God bless its pea-pickin’ heart– rolled over & died yesterday. RIP. Both units were 25+ years old. So the air in the Big House is not currently

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Apparently, there’s a conspiracy to In Farm News…

This was Daughter C’s idea. We had, up in the workshop, a perfectly nice old enamel topped segment of kitchen cupboard that we brought with us from Cincinnati. It was in the basement in Cincy and we thought enough of it to tote it to Miss’ippi. Daughter C suggested that it might find purpose in

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In Tennessee you can get a hamburger on a donut. It’s delic. Via Powerline’s The Week in Pictures.

The Litta Fella Bit into a yella pepper he’d not paid for

The Littla Fella is like 10 months old, so we will forgive his infantile economic notions. What do you think? The Philadelphia Story or High Society? My money’s on High Society, Grace is wildly better than Hebrurn.

For the Birds

Look how we got us some electric wires to sit on. They come & go all day long, the birds do. Sitting on those wires. Just the other day there was a fight– in the grass— between two male bluebirds. Where is our internet? #youain’telvis,Presley

Breakfast for Supper

Both Mr. Big Food and I were impressed and satisfied by the breakfasts we had in Israel. This is Mr. Big Food testifying. These are waffles. Idiots. Your could, like, have a 60-acre farm.

It’s Up Hill Both Ways

Over the next few months we– collectively all of us and our distant relatives, there is a wedding, afterall,– are going to be doing a lot of traveling. Kat just forwarded to me her American Airlines receipt email. It said Menu: Food for Purchase The first airplane ride I ever took was a short flight

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More Gardening

We are fast & furious gardening, like life depends on it.  

A Gardening Post

I am over-run with books right now. And I have not, regrettably not, finished Spring Cleaning. That’s essential. That and the list for Daughter C. But Daughter C has caught the gardening bug. And so I am thinking about the garden, and trying to supplement Daughter C’s reading with some experience. Here we go. Miss

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The Next Several Hours

There’s a chance of rain, which is fine by me. I’ve noticed something. Those who have followed along know that I have a thing about– some issues with– weather forecasting. Even before I started to blog I kept spreadsheets of forecasts and actuals. The columns were, The Weather And I did some

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Lots of times the best part is the food… .

Okay. Let’s be honest. ALL OF THE TIME.

I am thinking about turning this into a movie

[There is a photograph that is the most awesome photographs in the history of photographs. It is of ‘Phen and his best friend Eddie eating strawberries in a strawberry patch.] I cannot post the photo on account of … privacy. ‘Phen is 10 months old.